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Creating a New Article in Joomla

1. From your admin panel, go to Content -> Article Manager.

2. With a fresh Joomla install, you will already have several articles already in here. To avoid confusion, you can delete them from this page by selecting the Check All box and then the Trash icon at the top.

3. Select the New icon at the top.

4. Fill out the following fields on this page:

Title - title of the article

Alias - the menu alias for the article

Section - the section you want to place the article in

Category - if you want you can also assign it to a category

Published - selecting Yes will allow visitors to see the article, No will save it as a draft

Frontpage - select Yes if you would like this article to be on your site's homepage

Main Text Field - write the body of your article's text here

You can also insert a logo by selecting the Image Button at the bottom

5. Select the Choose File button and then browse your hard drive for the image file to upload. Select Start Upload once the file has been opened, and then once finished you can close the pop up window. Your logo can be easily positioned now by simply dragging it in to place in your article.

6. Select the Save icon at the top to complete your new article.

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