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Changing your Frontpage Layout

The positioning and layout of your Frontpage in Joomla will be determined by the current template you are using. In this tutorial, we will explain the basic layout so that you can better understand the structure.

Position 1 - This is the Top position and the Newsflash and Banners modules are placed here by default.

Position 2 - This is the Top Menu position, also referred to as user3. You can create and manage menus by going to Menus -> Menus Manager in your admin panel.

Position 3 - This is the Breadcrumbs module. It is a navigation module that displays your current location on the site with links to easily backtrack. This is especially helpful if your site uses multi-level menus.

Position 4 - The Search module, or user4. It will give your visitors an easy way to search for content on your site.

Position 5 - This is the Left position. Often this will hold vertical menus and login forms.

Position 6 - This is the Latest News module, or user1. It will display the most recently added articles from selected categories or from all categories (you can customize the setting).

Position 7 - The Popular module, or user2. This will display a selected number of articles that you visit often.

Position 8 - This is the main content area of your site. The newest articles you have set to be displayed on the frontpage will be here.

Position 9 - The Right module. This will normally display polls, who's online, and often advertisements.

Position 10 - This is the Footer of the page. Banners and Footer modules will be displayed here. You can use this to display popular links, copyright info, or any other useful information.

1. To change the position of a module on your site, go to Extensions -> Module Manager.

2. Click on the name of the module you would like to reposition. On the next screen, you can set the Position and the Order in which modules appear in that position.

3. Select the Save icon and your frontpage is updated immediately.

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