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Creating a Contact Form in Joomla

1. From your admin panel, go to Components -> Contacts -> Contacts.

2. Next, select the New icon at the top.

3. Fill out the forms on this page.

Name - the name of the contact

Alias - the alias for the contact

Published - toggles whether or not this is published on your site

Category - you can assign this form to a category, most likely you will want to select 'contacts'

Linked to user - you can link this to a user so that they will be notified via email when the form is submitted

Order - New Contacts default to the last position. Ordering can be changed after this Contact is saved.

Access Level - the level of access required for your site's visitors to see the form

4. You can also fill out the contact info of the person the form will be sent to and toggle the fields to be shown.

5. Select save at the top when finished and your contact form is created. The form should now be accessible from the Contacts link on your homepage

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