Joomla Extensions

Installing Extensions in Joomla

You can easily increase the functionality of your Joomla site by installing extensions. There are many different kinds of extensions available such as plugins, modules, and components that will allow you to change the look of your site and how it functions. You can find many of these extensions in the Joomla Extension Library.

1. To install a new extension, go to Extensions -> Install/Uninstall.

2. For the purposes of this example, we will be using an extension called Featured Frontpage Slider. On this page, select the Choose File button. Browse your computer for the extension file and then select the Upload File and Install button.

3. After your extension has been successfully installed, we will need to activate it. To do this, go to Extensions -> Module Manager.

3. Click the box next to the newly installed extension and select the Enable icon at the top. After you have enabled your extension, you can click it's name to edit it's configuration options.

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