Creating a Link in the Menu

Creating a Link in the Menu

1. From your admin panel, go to Menus -> Main Menu.

2. A fresh Joomla install will have some links already in the main menu. Let's remove these and add our own. To do this, select the check all button and then the Trash icon. You will see a warning that says "You cannot trash the default menu item" which you can safely ignore.

3. Once those links have been removed, select the New icon at the top.

4. Next, select Internal Link -> Article -> Article Layout.

5. Fill out the text fields with information about your link. Click on the Select button in the Parameters - Basic section.

6. Any articles you have created will be shown in a pop up window. Click the article name to specify where you want the link to point to.

7. Click the Save button at the top and your link will now be listed in your site's main menu.

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