Adding AdSense

Adding Google AdSense to Joomla

1. Adding the AdSense extension for Joomla is a great way to generate some advertising revenue on your website. We will be using this extension in this tutorial, though you are free to use any one you want. Download the module to your computer, and then go to Extensions -> Install/Uninstall in your Joomla backend.

2. Click the Choose File button and browse for the AdSense file you downloaded in step 1. Once you've located it, select Upload File and Install.

3. After the installation is successful, we need to activate the module. To do this, go to Extensions -> Module Manager'.

4. Check the box next to the AdSense plugin and select Edit at the top.

5. On this screen you can change the advanced settings and also enter your AdSense code. The location of this field may vary depending on the AdSense module you are using. From this screen, you will also want to make sure you enable the module for it to work. Select Save at the top when finished.
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